All About Bank Teller Jobs and Work Profile

Many of us enjoy professions that are connected with financial and accounting subjects such as an accountant or a bank teller. Bank teller is the person who records the daily routine bank transactions and tallies the balance amount at the end of each working day of the bank. He/she also processes the deposits of account holders and pays funds as required by the account holders. Such jobs are required by every other bank in any corner of the world. Individuals interested in such a profession can scour online education mediums for diploma courses in banking.

Bank Teller Job Profile:

o Receiving cash or check from various account holders or customers as deposit

o Verifying the pay amount and check endorsements

o Examining the cash given by the customers so as to prevent any money fraud

o Giving out cash to customers against their check deposits, but after closely verifying the signature and account balance of the customers

o Feeding each and every bank transaction into the computer and providing printed receipts to the account holders

o Counting cash balance in the teller deposit container at the beginning and end of every working day. (in relation with the banking transaction that takes place every day)

o Preparing certified checks, traveler’s checks, cashier’s checks, bonds, etc according to the bank rules

o Explaining all the banking procedures and services to new customers

o Substituting other customer service executives if needed

o Helping customers open bank accounts, getting access to deposit lockers and understating ATM operations correctly.

More about Teller Jobs:

Though bank teller jobs may seem to be mundane and boring; it is a very important profession that needs the person to be highly efficient and accurate in his/her account dealings. Nowadays, due to the automatic teller machines (ATM), the teller’s workload has decreased considerably.

Qualifications Needed To Become a Bank Teller:

Most of the banks or financial institutions set certain norms for bank teller jobs such as the following:

o Minimum High School qualification

o Good mathematical aptitude

o Excellent communication skills

o Relevant typing speed

o Attending in-house training sessions

o Some basic experience or firsthand knowledge of banking job