Real Estate Investing Produces Extraordinary Profits

Imagine making $5000 a year from real estate investing without recognizing you are real estate investing!

Real estate values are so dynamic. The marketplace is always fluid and changing. The only constant is the eventual escalation of value.

Suppose you had owned that little piece of property in your neighborhood years ago where McDonald’s is located today. If you had owned it for 20 or 30 years, what would your profit be from that sale?

Real estate values fluctuate in cycles and according to a myriad of owner situations. However, the price of real estate almost always goes up.

Let me give you a real-life example. (And if you are old enough, you have your own similar story!)

In 1970 I bought a little house in the Green Hills section of Nashville for $27,000. You know it wasn’t much because of the price. But it was home, and the location was respectable.

In 1978 I sold that house for a bigger house in Green Hills. The sales price for that little house I sold was $67,000.

That’s when the light bulb went off in my head! I suddenly realized that I had profited $40,000 from that little house in only eight years. I hadn’t added any more rooms or a patio. And I hadn’t even painted. I was witnessing first-hand how property values increase, often drastically!

I made a $5000 profit per year from that house, just from living in it.

It was an amazing discovery to me. It had been a reality forever, but it was no longer a vicarious experience in my mind. It was alive, because it was happening to me. And it changed my view of the world. That personal experience led me to start a real estate investing career.

I still live in Green Hills, and I pass that house every day on the way to the post office. That house recently sold for $200,000. Same size. Same location. But a phenomenal increase in value.

Asset growth from $27,000 to $200,000 is pretty astounding. And while the asset growth ratio varies from property to property (and city to city), real estate values generally increase. Even owning and maintaining your personal residence is cash generation right under your nose. I can’t believe I was so dumb not to see it before it became so apparent.

If even home ownership can be so profitable, can you fathom the profitability in real estate investing?


Why Do You Need a US Bank Account As a Foreign Resident?

These days everywhere you go online, be it at Forums or at Search engines, a lot of people are asking for a way to set up a US Bank account even when they are not resident there. What could be the reason for this? This is particularly surprising with the war on terror where the US government has put a seal on most of the things from the US. This is the purpose of this article. We want to examine why you as a foreigner or non resident would want to have a US bank account considering that since after the unfortunate 9/11 incident, the US government has tightened her grip on everything financial in the US.

So let us examine the importance of a US bank account and why a foreigner who is online doing business or working would need one. If you are online and trying to earn a living, you need an account over there to receive your payments online from the companies and individuals most of whom are based in the continent of America. You want to get your money fast with little or no extra charge.

With an account in America you would be paid via what they call ACH (automated clearing house) system or direct deposits. This will allow you to get your money within 2-3 working days and mostly without any fee or charge. You get your money 100%.

If you do not have an account there, you are going to be paid by checks which would be cut and mailed to you. This can take anywhere from 8-10 weeks before you can see and be able to draw the actual money in your home country. Compare that with the person with an account over there and you see this does not require any argument. It requires no rocket science or extra knowledge to see what a a US account can do for you online. If you have customers who are in the US, having an account over there will make it easy for them to pay you. This will lead to increase sales and profits.

Another importance of a US bank account is that if you have one, you can easily open and verify a Paypal account. Most Americans prefer to pay someone online using their PayPal account because of the perceived protection that this offers them as buyers online especially in this scam infested era on the internet. Scam is rampant online and the only way to increased sales is to assure people that they are not throwing away their money.

What better way to do this than with a PayPal account?

You can say that you can easily set up a PayPal account without a US bank account. That is true. But remember that for the vast majority, this is not the case. Out of the over 200 countries of the world, PayPal supports just around 67-80 countries. The rest are cut off. So if you do not have a US bank account and you are from the rest of the countries, you are doomed.

But if you have a US bank account, using a US address, you can easily set up a paypal account and verify the same using your US bank account. This way you are not cut off just because you are from a non supported country. The above reason is among the benefits of having a US bank account as a non resident. There are others benefits, but the above are the main ones which make many people online to be looking for a way out.


4 Killer Questions For Your Marketing Campaign

Your investment in advertising now more than ever has to count. Knowing how much it counts is what keeps you ahead of your competitors in terms of return on investment. Sadly, too many businesses are not clear about the fundamentals of their advertising campaigns or about what works.

This article explores the four basic ingredients of your U.S.P. (or unique selling proposition / point ) to make you stand out as the ‘go to guy’, versus many other similar small businesses out there, who are throwing mud at the wall in the vain hope that some sticks. Here I want to take a look at the marketing science of how to brand yourself and stay in the mind of your target audience.

Think Dominos Pizza branding. In the UK, an under-cover investigation on T.V. showed how they exploited foreign workers abominably, forcing people into conditions of servitude who got involved with them. Nevertheless, they remain ahead of the competition, because their terrible treatment of their staff is over-ridden in peoples’ minds by their ability to deliver what customers want, namely:

Fresh, hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.”

The question for you as a marketer – online and offline – then is whether your mission statement and tag line covers the four crucial things people want to know as they are tuned into “WIIFM” (‘What’s In It for Me’) whilst seeking solutions to their problems.

Your marketing advertising should answer four questions from the standpoint of your customer:

· “Why should I listen to you?”

· “Why should I believe what you tell me?”

· “Why should I act on what you tell me?”

· “Why should I act now rather than later?”

Perry Marshall, a multi-million dollar advertising expert, argues that if you have a U.S.P. ‘slogan’ which covers all four of these bases, you are onto a killer hook!

Does your company’s unique selling proposition describe what’s truly unique about you, compared to your direct competitors? Do you speak directly to your target audience and give them what they need to galvanise them out of their passivity to act on information you give them NOW, before they become distracted by the million other demands on their attention daily?

If not, scrap your woolly-minded marketing campaigns and start to brand yourself from scratch. If you have your niche market’s ear and eyeballs on you, you are in their minds and ultimately you will have their business…

FACT: The world of marketing is cut-throat, no less in online marketing than advertising offline. Every business is vying for dominance to raise their voice above the herd. Competitors often compete on issues of price and delivery; you may need to offer more value than merely these basics to stand out and avoid cost-cutting wars you may lose when launching online advertising and marketing campaigns. You need to shift the agenda in your favour.

Figure out who your ideal customer is; your perfect match for the goods or services you provide and then go after them in your marketing messages using unique marketing messages which set you apart from the rest of the market, by referring to specific benefits offered for specific buying activities. If you take a scatter-gun approach of ‘pleasing all the people all the time’, you please nobody ever and your marketing budget is wasted. Do not assume that even if you hook a customer once, their future loyalty is assured. Be clear from the outset that the reward of any marketing campaign investment is in its ability to generate repeat custom.

Positive return on investment is about attraction marketing, i.e. finding your ‘match’ with whom you can build a lasting relationship and benefit from their loyalty and return sales. There should be mutual respect and trust for each other. This is a true MBA (mutually beneficial arrangement), as opposed to sales and marketing based upon quick turn-around and fast bucks. These principles of marketing are now agreed upon by the top earners in the marketing industry.

Knowing the needs of your target audience and having confidence in your own unique selling proposition means that customer is more likely to warm to you when you offer what they are looking for and then some. If you are an internet marketer, putting out the solutions they seek in your online marketing campaigns means your customer is closer to buying when they eventually make contact with your business and you. They understand your services and products; they know what benefits you specifically offer.

The initial prospecting process of marketing your business’s products and services, along with your unique solutions can be automated online or in repeated offline campaigns, saving you time for the main element of your unique relationship – your giving the customer their tailor made solution in exchange for that person’s business and longer term loyalty to your brand.

This is the truly mutually beneficial outcome of your ability to answer your customer’s four key buying considerations and the result of developing your skill in setting yourself apart from the clamouring voices of your competitors. You go from being just another peddlar to THE professional in the mind of those you seek and market to specifically.

Answering the four crucial marketing questions above is the difference in market invisibility and return custom. Fine tuning your marketing messages will demonstrably show a bigger return on investment for your efforts.